Preventing food waste: the key role of packaging

Food wastage makes no economic, social and environmental sense.
30% of the world’s agricultural production is lost every year.
Every French person generates, on average, around 20 kg of food waste per year, including 7 kg of food still packed which means €400 per year per household.

It’s everyone responsibility, manufacturers, processors, retailers or consumers to commit and act.

Plastic packaging is continuously innovating to improve protection, conservation and integrity of products packaged. Plastics packaging participates to the global efforts to reduce overall food waste.

In food industry, plastics packaging is a central player, at the crossroads of four major issues i.e : food safety and quality, to bring information to consumers (nutrition labelling) to minimize the environmental impacts and to adress food wastage.

Download the fact sheet “Packaging plays a key role in the fight against waste”