Specific packaging

Child safety devices

Plastic and flexible packaging must comply with European and national regulations, including the safety closure requirement for children.

Article 22 and Annex 4 of the Ordinance of 9 November 2004 (defining the classification criteria and labelling requirements for dangerous preparations) establish this obligation in France.

This issue is also dealt through several standards:

  • NF EN ISO 8317: Child-resistant packaging – Requirements and testing procedures for reclosable packages
  • NF EN ISO 13127: Child resistant packaging – Mechanical test methods for reclosable child resistant packaging systems
  • NF EN 862: Child-resistant packaging – Requirements and testing procedures for non-reclosable packages for non-pharmaceutical products
  • NF EN 14375: Child-resistant non-reclosable packaging for pharmaceutical products – Requirements and testing

Hazardous products

Dangerous goods must be packed in an appropriate packaging.

Plastic packaging meets the requirements for safety and protection. These requirements include the choice of materials appropriate to the goods contained, as well as the implementation of strict procedures at the manufacturing level.

The severity of the tests carried out (chemical compatibility of the materials used, pressure tests, fall tests, etc.), as well as the rigor of the traceability and the information delivered to the users, make this activity among the safest and most controlled ones.

Packaging for dangerous goods complies in particular with the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) under the auspices of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Equivalent provisions also exist for rail transport (RID) and inland waterways (ADN).

These regulations are regularly updated to take account of the latest technological advance

Specific marking identifies compliance with the ADR requirements. Specific marking and test report are the main sources of information to check the compatibility between the packaging and the packaged merchandise, as well as instructions for closing the container.