The edge of innovations

Plastics packaging manufacturers invest 5% of their turnover in research & development.
Our industry is characterised by a strong innovation momentum that has driven our development for several years and is the best option for withstand economic crises. Innovation has defined several of our packaging’s development avenues, particularly in terms of environmental and social performance through recyclability, safety and convenience for consumers and industrial and retail users. More recent progresses through innovation include environmental performance such as weight and volume reduction, in addition to relevant material options, whether for oil or plant-derived plastics.

Plastic and flexible packaging offer a huge scope of innovatives solutions due to the wide variety of materials, of processing methods and colors, shape and textures. The boundaries of plastic are constantly being pushed back in terms of style, function and even eco-design. Plastic and flexible packaging is vector of communication for brands and relevant source of informations for consumers. New technological processes, new plastics materials participate to the growth and diversity of household and also industrial & commercial packagings.

The simplicity and functionality of a package mask the complexity of its design.
Behind an apparent banality, plastic and flexible packaging conceals treasures of technology.

R & D is an essential function in the service of the product and the user. It intervenes from the conception that can be done with two different approaches depending on whether the packaging manufacturer designs a standard packaging or a specific packaging, at the request of his client.

Design, process, materials, decorations, R & D is everywhere to meet the multiple functions and roles of the packaging.

Award PackTheFuture is a common initiative from ELIPSO and IK, manufacturers of plastics and flexible packaging in France and in Germany. This Packaging Award focuses on promoting to the public the innovative and creative potential of all kinds of plastic packaging all over Europe.

This competition represent a responsible initiative managed by our industry.
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  • Ecodesign: recyclability, source reduction, weight reduction are key components of the innovation strategy of the sector
  • Product protection: is another innovation component.
  • Social benefit of packaging is a focus of concern for plastics and flexibles companies. A large variety of innovations at the last edition concerns easy opening that is a key functionality faced with the challenge of an ageing European population.
  • Food conservation: plastics and flexible packaging offer a huge diversity of solutions to improve the shelf-life of products or to keep them fresh.

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A fruitfull Research & Development in 5 main areas:

  • Comfort and convenience – attentiveness to customers Handling, consumer movements / Easy opening and closing / Hinges / In-pack cooking…
  • Eco-design – processing as per environmental values. Source reduction at: weight saving while maintaining functionalities / Recyclability / Limitation of number of different materials in the same packaging
  • Technologies – a solution for every use. Barrier materials (to oxygen, nitrogen, etc.) / modified atmosphere recharge / Tamper-evidence/ Container-content compatibility / Anti-static properties / Chosen additives: optimised materials / Clip-on, snap-on, thermosealing, etc.: efficiency and imagination / Anti-fog systems / In-mold labelling / Inclusion of biocides
  • Marketing – constant creativity. Packaging attractiveness: design, colours, feel, etc. / On-shelf effectiveness: “ready-to-sell” packaging, visibility
  • Safety – involvement at in every stage. Protection against thermal or physical shocks / Air-tightness solutions / Hazardous products: child-proof systems, packaging suited to transport, etc. / Manufacturing hygiene: optimised shapes and materials / Product traceability