The fight against marine litter

« Packaging » is becoming more and more visible in litter despite end-of life management devise in place. 80% of marine litter come from land and represent a major issue.

Already in 2011 plastic industry and ELIPSO signed Hawaii global statement. That’s why with the global plastics industry, ELIPSO has signed a joint statement on solutions to the marine debris problems at Hawaii in March 2011. Today we reached more than 240 projects reduce marine litter.

As a member of Gestes Propres, ELIPSO is active in this operation. Focusing on marinas, the goal is to protect the oceans and promote recycling on board. Additionally our members are heavily engaged in « Clean Sweep operation ». They aimes to prevent loss of resin pellets at every step of the value chain.

Find out more : Magazine FUTURS “ELIPSO comits to fight against marine litter” (in french)

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Commitment in the fight against marine pollution of March 2011

The origin of marine litter is multiple. That is why, in March 2011, at the 5th International Conference on Marine Litter, the global plastic industry signed a « Joint Declaration for Solutions to the Marine Litter Problem » of which ELIPSO is a signatory.

Find the World Declaration on the reduction of marine litter signed by ELIPSO

Operation “zero pellet loss in our environment” (Clean Sweep)

In 2013, the « zero pellets » operation was launched in France for the member companies of ELIPSO, PlasticsEurope and the Federation of Plastics and this action continued throughout 2014. This operation is to disseminate a guide of good practices to industrial sites, in order to reduce the losses of resin pellets on their production site, but also throughout the chain (production, transport, unloading, processing, storage, etc…).

ELIPSO and its partners (PlasticsEurope and the Federation of Plastics) have set up a dedicated website: this is a voluntary commitment offering the opportunity to companies participating in this environmental awareness campaign to showcase on the dedicated website and that of ELIPSO.

ELIPSO members who signed the Clean Sweep operation

Operation « sailing means sorting » leaded by Gestes Propres

To fight against marine litter, « Gestes Propres » want to raise awareness among amateur sailors thanks to the 50 ports that took part, all with the blue flag label with the support of ELIPSO. We raised 111 000 pleasure craft users during the summer 2016. The operation is opening into Europe with 6 italian ports and 1 port in Monaco.

Please find the last Press release of this operation (in french)