End-of-life recovery

ELIPSO supports the development of the collection and recovery of used plastic packaging.


ELIPSO works with its members concerned by reusable packaging in logistics: boxes and pallets but also big bags, IBC and drums.

ELIPSO participates in the workshop “Reuse of industrial and commercial packaging” of the Waste Prevention working group created by the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea in 2015.
This workshop, launched in 2016, has the following targets:

  • to draw up an inventory of existing studies and practices in terms of the re-use of industrial packaging, according to the different sectors of activity.
  • understand the environmental, technical and socio-economic impacts of reusing packaging in these different sectors, in order to identify the areas of relevance of reusing packaging in relation to single use.
  • identify the technical and socio-economic obstacles and levers to the development of the reuse of industrial and commercial packaging.
  • determine courses of action to develop re-employment in the areas of relevance identified.


Recycling of plastic and flexible packaging is an increasingly major issue.

ELIPSO participates in the « Union des Industries du Recyclage » (UIR) which groups together all the material sectors and aims to develop the concept of circular economy, demonstrate the need for recycling in major industrial sectors and show that recycled materials are a necessary source of supply for industry.

ELIPSO is also a member of 2ACR, an association created in 2012 by the Union des Industries Chimiques with the objective of promoting and leading actions to develop recycling in chemistry and in particular in plastics.

Within the framework of the Strategic Sector Contracts (CSF), , public/private agreements to develop the industry in France, 2ACR has positioned itself as the leader of the plastics recycling sector, which is concretely reflected by the animation of a social network dedicated to plastics recycling, the implementation of online training of the MOOC type, the establishment of a working group to harmonize the methods of calculating rates.

Source EuPC

Development of household packaging recycling

ELIPSO is an active member of the the Monitoring Committee for the extension of household plastic packaging sorting managed by Citeo. Since 2011, a project to extend sorting instructions to all plastic packaging has been launched by Citeo and its partners. By the end of 2016, 25% of the French population was already sorting all plastic packaging. With regard to the energy transition law, the entire population will be affected by this extension of the sorting instructions at the end of 2022.

ELIPSO is also a 36.3% shareholder in VALORPLAST, of which PlasticsEurope (62.2%) and the Fédération de la Plasturgie (1.5%) are also shareholders.

Since 1993, VALORPLAST has been working to build sustainable and transparent household plastic packaging recycling sectors.VALORPLAST’s missions are:

  • guarantee and orchestrate the recovery of plastic flows collected and sorted by local authorities,
  • promote sustainable recycling by developing market solutions for all plastic packaging,
  • promote the eco-design of plastic packaging with a view to improving its recyclability,
  • assiduously sensitize all the public to the stakes of plastic sorting and recycling.

ELIPSO is also an administrator of REVIPAC.
Created in 1993, REVIPAC is responsible for the joint commitment of the various professions involved in the various stages of the paper and cardboard packaging production chain: from the material to the packaging and the reuse of used packaging material.

REVIPAC is Citeo’ partner for the take-back of household packaging in the paper and cardboard sector. ELIPSO represents its concerned members in the house sector.

Development of industrial & commercial plastic packaging (EPIC) recycling

The practical guide on the recovery of industrial and commercial plastic packaging (in french) developed by ELIPSO was distributed again in 2016 to companies in possession of packaging waste but also to local authorities, hospitals, prisons and other public establishments likely to hold packaging waste.

ELIPSO also owns the following 3 brands:

  • ECOFUT, dedicated to the recovery of industrial packaging in HDPE (cans, jerry cans, drums and containers) and in PP (buckets and bigs bags);
  • ECO PSE, dedicated to the recovery of expanded polystyrene packaging;
  • Recyfilm, dedicated to the valorisation of various industrial films, notably palletising covers and large capacity bags.